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Urgg :’(

I Dont know why I even help her, I convince you to get with her, she is my best mate, but knowing that I love you and I’m trying to help her, it doesn’t seem like I’m a bad friend, shes the bad one, always doing stuff when she knows I’m there, its like I’m fucking invisible! wish you could like me! she like someone else! or me to forget you! :’( so much pain you cause me, but I love you, you are simply the best person I have ever met, and i cant life no more, I feel like shit every time I’m not with you, when im with you you make me so happy, like today i had a great 2 hours with you, but you said you loved her, and you know i love you, i now its not your fault but it really hurts me :’(

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:) want this!
Think before you speak! Words hurt me :( xx
"i wont :) " turned into "i will you dickhead"
Gonna have many of these! Ana rita minha babe <3<3 
I dont either :(


Steal her atention, not her virginity, Make her smile, dont waste her tears, ;)

:// would like to know the answer to these questions.
Nature ;)

Cant believe i feel this way for you! I cant sleep because of you, im happy im thinking of you but get outta my mind i need to sleep! Love <3 xxx